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What the community say

Tomer Garzberg

CEO & Founder, Gronade

“StartupJobsOz is one of our best kept hiring secrets. By the nature of GRONADE’s services, hiring the right talent with particular skillsets is difficult through traditional methods. The quality and talent pool in StartupJobsOz is exactly what Australia needed.”

Kiah Hickson

Founder of Squill

“Work environments have evolved and the demand for diverse, hybrid skill sets is greater than ever. StartupJobsOz is a pioneer in connecting Australian startup-focused people to startup-focused roles, they are my first choice in discovering driven individuals.”

Angela Bee

Founder at Hackathons Australia

“As Australia accelerates to becoming one of the most innovative countries in the world, we need to adapt to the changing environment. The number of jobs created by the increased number of startups needs to be met. This is where StartupJobsOz comes in. They’re perfect for matching those with the various skill sets to companies that function with a ‘start up style’. Fast, agile, and gets things done.”

Boris Gefter

Founder & CEO, StackCRM

“I love the idea of StartUpJobs because it fulfills a very important function; which is sourcing and qualifying people to work for start-ups. It is important to distinguish the quality of the candidate that you source from StartUpJobs vs other sites, as the applicants generally tend to be hungry, driven and willing to learn! STACK is and will always remain a big supporter!”

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