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I Didn’t “Choose” To Be A Startup Founder – Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made

It’s an age old question… Are Entrepreneurs BORN or MADE?

Well, I’m firmly in the “Entrepreneurs are born camp”.

In fact, I didn’t “choose” to be a Founder/Entrepreneur. Its something I believe that is part of who I am.

I look at some of the research and share my own thoughts in this post. After you read it, let us know if you are in the born or made camp?

By Paul Towers from Task Pigeon

Today’s Featured Article….

99 Must Know E-Commerce Marketing Statistics for 2018


2017 was another great year for e-commerce marketers. Online retail growth continued to outpace that of brick-and-mortar retailers and savvy marketers implementing personalization delighted more customers and drove more sales to their stores.
Here are 99 stats on highlighting the power of e-commerce, social and online marketing.

By Smartr Mail 

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From $40 to $1.5 million: Eight entrepreneurs open up about the first time their companies made revenue

But no matter what business you’re in — whether you’ve signed your first massive contract or sold a box of cereal — entrepreneurs tell SmartCompany that from the very first moment you get money in the door, you must be ready to step up your responsibilities to build on that initial momentum.
We asked eight Aussie company founders how much their first revenue pay cheque was worth — and what they learned next about growing from hundreds to millions in sales.


By Emma Kohen from Smart Company

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Melbourne startup Socialsuite helps organisations measure their social impact and secure further funding

Cofounded by Dr Clara Ong and Damian Hajda, Melbourne startup Socialsuite has developed a platform that works to help organisations demonstrate their impact and return on investment on a project or strategy.

For not-for-profits and other organisations dependent on external funding to do their work, this is particularly crucial, but the process of gathering the data to measure impact can be difficult.

By Gina Baldassarre in Startup Daily

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Growing and Scaling a Successful Online Business | Hosted by LegalVision

On 15 February, LegalVision is launching its Online Business Manual with a panel Q&A featuring speakers from leading Australian businesses.

Our speakers come from Hey You, Shoes of Prey, Domain, Pragmateam and Hipages.
Attend the event to grab a copy of the Online Business Manual, participate in the panel and network with other business owners, investors and entrepreneurs.

You can register here: http://bit.ly/2BKf1Bt 

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Tech Ready Women incubator launches online program to help non-tech founders across Australia launch their idea

Almost a year after first launching the Tech Ready Women incubator program out of Tank Stream Labs, Christie Whitehill is taking it online to help women across regional Australia get their startup ideas going.
With no tech background of her own, Whitehill said she made a number of wrong turns that saw her lose tens of thousands of dollars in development costs and consultancy fees; Tech Ready aims to provide other women with the knowledge and tools to avoid making the same mistakes as they start out.

By Startup Daily

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