Oz Startup News – Monday, 14 January 2019


Daniel Petre on the genius of Bill Gates, and Australia’s tech policy ‘madness’


Daniel Petre is one of the elder statesmen of Australia’s ascendant technology industry. So when he uses terms like “criminal”, “appalling”, “disaster” and “madness” to describe the Federal government’s approach to innovation policy, it is worth sitting up and paying attention.

In particular Daniel states: “My fear is that in particular governments will do things that will just blow it up, and then we’ll go back to the bad old days where there’s no money in the [tech] industry, no-one wants to invest and we’ll have destroyed the future for Australia.”
By John McDuling from The Sydney Morning Herald

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Coming Out of the Entrepreneurial Closet

Frances Chnaider from Tribular writes: “There are so many side hustlers. Just ask around! Everyone is doing something. Some sort of hustle. It’s just that, well – people don’t shout it from the rooftops. It is not in our Aussie culture. No, we just side hustle in silence. Seems odd, right?”

And goes on to discuss sharing the fact you run a side hustle with your current employer or Manager. For Frances this time came a few months ago when she shared that she had been accepted into a Leadership course (for entrepreneurs) and needed a few days off here and there to attend.

Here’s what happened next….

By Frances Chnaider from Tribular

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Our first three months building Airfluence


Luca Monk reflects on the first three months of building Airfluence. In particular, Luca reflects on their first MVP, undertaking a rebuild of the platform and raising their first ever angel round.

Luca then goes on to detail what the future holds for Airfluence, a platform to find and engage with influencers in Australia

By Luca Monk from Airfluence

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Superannuation startup Verve aims to close the super gap between men and women

Australia’s superannuation industry could be set for a shake up following the release of the Productivity Commission’s report into the system this week.
Among the recommendations put forward was making life insurance opt-in for members under 25, and eliminating underperforming funds.
It remains to be seen which recommendations are adopted, in what format and when, but in the meantime, recently launched fund Verve Super is looking to get women on board and thinking about their finances.


By Startup Daily

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Chad Renado writes: “Why are some communities better at supporting entrepreneurs than others? Are some communities just destined to become entrepreneur hot spots, or are there changes a community can make to better support entrepreneurs? And who plays a role in making these changes?
There is a growing body of research looking for answers to these questions. ” In this article Chad looks at some of those answers…


By Business News Australia

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Keeping up with KeepSpace’s growth

Born out of first-hand experience with the frustrating process of managing inventory, packing and labelling orders and dealing with shipping companies, Jesse Emia founded KeepSpace in May 2016.
Since then, the company has had an entirely custom platform developed in-house, a 1,500 sqm warehouse and more than 15 customers under its belt, with an expansion into Melbourne set for next month.


By StartupNews.com.au

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How sports startup Spalk began to monetise its commentary platform


With the increasing nature of virtual production prevalent in linear television and online broadcasting, sports commentary platform Spalk is well placed to deliver a vital solution in the production supply chain.
The company’s Virtual Commentary Studio helps clients and rights holders create bespoke, remote commentary for as many markets or countries benefitting them without the massive overheads involved in producing live commentary.

By Startup Daily

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Sydney startup VAPAR has developed a new cloud platform technology that will save local Council engineers time and money.

Founded by civil engineer Amanda Siqueira and mechatronic engineer Michelle Aguilar, VAPAR is transforming the way Australian councils maintain their stormwater and sewerage assets thanks to a $25,000 Minimum Viable Product Grant from Jobs for NSW.

Here’s more on their story…

By Dynamic Business

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