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Up And To The Right – April 2018 Was A Cracker!

Paul Towers from Task Pigeon writes that April was a fantastic month for Task Pigeon. In addition to the figures detailed below, there are so many exciting things happening behind the scenes at the moment I can’t help but feel more excited than ever about the potential for Task Pigeon.

Some of the key highlights I will cover include:

  • Increasing website traffic by 34+%
  • Growing blog traffic by 14+%
  • Seeing new user signups rocket 279%
  • Witnessing a ~100% increase in user engagement
  • Generating additional revenue from Marketplace by Task Pigeon
  • And doing all of this while running on a lean budget!

By Paul Towers from Task Pigeon

Today’s Featured Article

Cavalry secures seed funding and exceeds targets in first six months

Cavalry Freelancing is well on the way to cementing its position as the leading freelance marketplace for the creative, digital and communications industries after successfully raising seed funding and smashing all initial growth targets.
Developed by former MullenLowe Profero MD, Dave Bentley, and ex-Razorfish’s Senior Tech Lead, Nick Stevens, Cavalry was officially launched in January this year to streamline the way organizations and freelancers find each other and work together.
By Startup Soda News

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CeBIT explores ‘F-Ups’ and successes

Three leading entrepreneurs will speak about their business ‘F’Ups’ that eventually led to success during the CeBIT Australia 2018 event.

Luther Poier, CFO, BlueChilli; Emma Sharley, Co-Founder and CMO, Shop You; and Brendan Yell, Director Community Development APAC, Startup Grind and SendGrid will be candidly sharing stories of their business failures, what they learned, how they moved on and how it ultimately led to success.
By Technology Decisions

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Is your dog feeling sick? Worry no more, the Uber for vets (and your pets) is finally here

The Vets on Call app will enable pet owners to connect with nearby vets to book in-home consultations for their furry companions at their own convenience.
“For pet owners, the app means you don’t have to transport your pet to a clinic for something as simple as a general check-up and for vets, they can see the pet in its own home where it’s more relaxed,” said Vets on Call founder Morgan Coleman.


By Anthill Magazine

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Here are 5 great tips on growing your startup and being a successful entrepreneur in Australia right now

Andrew Clarke, CEO, and founder of Cashrewards writes that:

“Your business will thrive if you have a strong team of trusted, passionate, and hardworking individuals. Same goes for your business partners. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to not only trust your instincts but also be open and listen to the ideas or those around you, even if they criticize some of your decisions and opinions.” while providing 5 tips to help position your startup for growth.

By Andrew Clarke in Anthill Magazine

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How To Approach The VC Fundraising Process According To Mark Suster

The VC fundraising process can often be opaque, especially if you are a startup founder attempting to raise external funding for the first time.
One US Venture Capitalist who has tried to shine a light on the “behind the scenes” activities of VC’s writing that:

“An investors job is to deploy capital and make a return. If you truly believe that you, your company and your products are exceptional and your company will be valuable, then you’re actually doing them a FAVOR by helping them invest in your startup.”
By Startup Soda News

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Fintech Brighte secures $20 million debt facility from NAB to help Australians buy renewable energy solutions

Fintech startup Brighte has secured a $20 million debt funding facility from National Australia Bank (NAB).
Founded in 2015, Brighte allows customers to purchase solar panels, insulation, and batteries for their properties on a no-interest repayment plan from partner vendors. Applications take two minutes for customers to complete, Brighte reported, with a credit outcome received in nine seconds.


By Gina Baldassarre from Startup Daily

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