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Cutting Burn & Saying Goodbye To 2017 – The December Monthly Report


Paul Towers from Task Pigeon shares his latest monthly report on the growth and development of Task Pigeon that threw up some interesting findings.

Blog traffic increased by 11% and the third most popular post for the month was written back in May.

Not only that revenue – expenditure saw burn drop to under $500 for the month.


By Paul Towers from Task Pigeon

Today’s Featured Article….

ATO creates specialist task force to tackle cryptocurrency tax evasion

The Australian Taxation Office is consulting with tax experts and lawyers to help it identify and track cryptocurrency transactions to ensure all taxes are being paid.

Tax specialists said customer accounts can be mined by the ATO for transactions involving payments received or made, such as buying property or luxury cars, which can provide a cash trail enabling tax officials to “follow the money”.
By Duncan Hughes from The Australian Financial Review
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Canva raises $50.9 million to become Australia’s latest unicorn, setting the bar high for startup funding in 2018

Graphic design startup Canva has joined the ranks of Atlassian, becoming Australia’s next tech unicorn after closing a $US40 million ($50.9 million) capital raise that officially values the company at $US1 billion.

Co-founder Melanie Perkins says the raise as a great vote of confidence for Canva and its mission, but says it’s important to not let valuations “become a goal unto itself”.
By Dominic Powell from Smart Company

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NSW is leading the sportstech scene when it comes to funded ventures

Australia has always had a reputation for being a nation passionate about its sports and sports people, yet it has only been in the last three years or so that we have started to gain somewhat of a reputation for being a nation that is contributing to the growth of technologies around sport and fitness, with startups like Catapult Sports leading the way when it comes to gaining international recognition in the sector.

By Mat Beeche from Startup Daily

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What Should I Look For in My Software Development Agreement?

If you are having software developed, you are no doubt excited about the final product. However, software development is often a complex process. Accordingly, you want to ensure that the developer meets your expectations.

Here’s what you need to look out for in a software development agreement.

By Jacqueline Gibson from Legal Vision

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Firm says laundry collection and delivery cars are an Aus first

AN UBER-STYLE app for laundry and dry cleaning has been launched by a Manly entrepreneur.

Hayden Foster, 40, reckons Laundromap will save people the time and hassle of having to drop dirty clothes at shops.
By Sarah Swain in The Daily Telegraph

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3 innovative Aussie start-ups to watch in 2018

The start-up scene in Australia shows no sign of waning, and NSW in particular seems to be going from strength to strength. According to the Start-up Genome’s Global Start-up Ecosystem Report 2017, Sydney comes in at no. 17 in a list of the top 20 best start-up ecosystems in the world – and the state government has the top 10 in its sights.
For just a taste of Australia’s thriving start-up scene, here are 3 innovative start-ups to keep an eye on in the coming months.
By Cebit

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How Jonathan King founded mental health startup Lysn after realising his initial goal was too ambitious

The vision for mental telehealth startup Lysn started out big and ambitious: to create an online allied health hospital for patients and clinics alike to helping facilitate care for rural and regional patients.
But first-time startup founder and medical doctor Jonathan King quickly realised his goal was a bit too hairy and audacious.
By Dominic Powell from Smart Company

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Digital greeting card startup Cardly raises $230,000 from QUT Creative Enterprise Australia

Having last year walked away from a $250,000 deal with Naomi Simson brokered on the set of Shark Tank, Melbourne-founded digital greeting card startup Cardly has raised $230,000 in a seed funding round led by QUT Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA).

The funding comes as the startup looks to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) to further its service, which was founded by Patrick Gaskin and Thomas Clift three years ago.
By Gina Baldassarre from Startup Daily

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