Oz Startup News – Wednesday, 12 December 2018


Buzinga to Appster: An insider’s theory on why the app giants keep falling


In the last two years, two of the Australian app development industry’s biggest players have collapsed into liquidation, leaving customers with unfinished apps and the industry with some serious trust issues to contend with.
In 2017 it was Buzinga, a promising young dev house with a swathe of awards under its belt and a skyward trajectory. Now, as we round out 2018, the same misfortune has befallen Appster, one of the industry’s biggest names and most talked about success stories.
So how did it happen? How did two of the highest profile app development companies go under so suddenly and in such short succession?
By Joseph Rusell from Smart Company

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Software Developers to Repay Millions

Bruce Patten from Pattens Group puts together a comprehensive guide to the R&D Tax Incentive and breaks down why the ATO is demanding tech firms repay millions of dollars.

Bruce uses recent examples, such as Airtasker, to highlight what you can and can’t claim within the R&D Tax Incentive and why this issue is now rearing its head.


By Bruce Patten in Startup Soda

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The Importance of Authenticity: Our Investment in Whispli


James Cameron from AirTree Ventures writes: “Today we’re excited to be announcing we’ve backed Whispli — the platform that makes it safe for whistleblowers and victims of harassment to speak up.

Off the back of the #metoo movement and recent whistleblower-led scandals such as dieselgate & wikileaks, its become clear that harassment and unethical behaviour is still rife across almost all industries.”

By James Cameron from AirTree Ventures

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Blackbird in 2018— A look back

Nick Crocker from Blackbird Ventures reflects on 2018 highlighting that Blackbird is now a team of thirteen, spread across two offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

In this 2018 review Nick breaks down the investments they made, the articles they shared and the success of their portfolio companies.
By Nick Crocker from Blackbird Ventures

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Australian business launches ‘official register’ to fight corruption

Australian Anti-Corruption Certification is a newly launched nationwide register of Australian businesses that have warranted they have no involvement in corruption, fraudulent activity, criminal activity or bribery.
PWC’s Global Economic Crime Survey Australia Report (2016) states that bribery and corruption continues to rate in the top four economic crimes experienced.  Their survey showed 56% of chief executives name bribery and corruption as one of the top risks facing their organisations.

By Startup Soda News

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Agtech startup FarmLab embarks on soil management mission, with $1.1 million in grant funding

New South Wales startup FarmLab has secured $1.1 million in government grant funding for its Soil Tech Project, in collaboration with the University of Sydney, and agtech consultants Andrea Koch and AGRIvision.
The project, funded through the National Landcare Program Smart Farming Partnership grant, will allow FarmLab to develop soil science research into digital tools available for all farmers, free of charge.

By Stephanie Palmer-Derrien from Smart Company

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Coco Hou: Look before you leap into your own business

Accounting and training expert and CEO of Platinum Professional Training, Coco Hou, today said “with so many people likely to quit their job this holiday season and jump into their own start up, there are some key things people should think about before they take the leap.”

Here are five times to consider before you make the leap.

By Startup Soda News

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Digital bank startup Douugh partners with Mastercard ahead of US launch


Sydney-founded fintech Douugh has landed a partnership with Mastercard that will allow it to roll out a ‘smart’ bank account linked to a Mastercard debit card in the US early next year.
The bank accounts will be powered by Choice Bank, following a partnership launched with the bank in late 2017.
Andy Taylor, founder and CEO of Douugh, said the business is focused on launching and growing into the US before looking to other markets, including Australia.

By Startup Daily

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